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  • Bob Bradley

Duaxi Announces Kickstarter Campaign For Their Unique Two Display Alarm Clock

(WATERTOWN, WI) - January 23, 2017 - Duaxi Electronics has unveiled a launch date for their Kickstarter campaign in support of their much buzzed about Timeshare Alarm Clock. Set to go live on February 27, Duaxi promises multiple incentive tiers to sweeten the deal for those that contribute to their much anticipated crowdfunding effort. Recently featured by Huffington Post, Duaxi is excited that the product will be a time changer for alarm clocks used by consumers and the hospitality industry.

The Timeshare Alarm Clock comes from the exciting mind of Duaxi founder and inventor Scott Buss, who saw the need for everyday consumer to have an alarm clock that is visible from all areas of a bedroom, dormitory or hotel room. The patented, two display bluetooth compatible alarm clock also includes a patent pending swiveling dock that supports lightning (iPhone) and USB-C (Android) supported connectors. The dock pivots to allow users to view the phone screen from multiple angles and boasts a high quality speaker for listening to music and making calls from your smartphone.

The Kickstarter campaign can be previewed online, and more information on Duaxi and the clock can be found at

Kickstarter Preview Page -

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